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JetBrains IDE

JetBrains s.r.o. (formerly IntelliJ Software s.r.o.) is a software development company whose tools are targeted towards software developers and project managers. As of 2017, the company has around 700 employees in its six offices in Prague, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Munich, Boston and Novosibirsk. The company offers an extended family of integrated development environments (IDEs) for the programming languages Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, SQL, Objective-C, C++, C#, Go and JavaScript. In 2011 the company entered a new area by introducing Kotlin, a programming language that runs in a Java virtual machine (JVM). InfoWorld magazine awarded the firm “Technology of the Year Award” in 2011 and 2015


  •  AppCode
  •  CLion
  •  DataGrip
  •  GoLand
  •  IntelliJ IDEA
  •  PhpStorm
  •  PyCharm
  •  Rider
  •  RubyMine
  •  WebStorm


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How To Use?

1) Unpack & Install

2) Use KeyMaker to register and generate a Keyfile.

Caution: The the KeyMaker also writes registration data,

which is hardware dependant. You need to execute the KeyMaker on the machine where you intend to use the software.

3) Copy the generated keyfile to the configuration directory (idea.config.path).

By default this is

Windows 7, 8, 10: <SYSTEM DRIVE>\Users\<USER ACCOUNT NAME>\.<PRODUCT><VERSION>\config
Windows XP: <SYSTEM DRIVE>\Documents and Settings\<USER ACCOUNT NAME>\.<PRODUCT><VERSION>\config
Linux: ~/.<PRODUCT><VERSION>/config
MacOSX: ~/Library/Preferences/<PRODUCT><VERSION>

If the directory does not exist, ensure to that you have started the application at
least once. Run it until the registration window appears and exit.

NOTE: Make sure you have java installed on your system to run keymaker.jar. This works on all operating system Windows, Linux, MAC OS. 


JetBrains 2018 Official IDEs Setup

JetBrains 2018 Universal KeyMaker / Mirror

Setup + Crack.rar

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